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Daniel Rotter, a Certified Financial Planner, has an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois. Mr. Rotter is the Founder and Director of Hampton Financial Services, Inc., a financial planning and wealth coaching company since 1991.

Daniel’s Story

The world is changing and keeps changing. Everything is more challenging, more frustrating and more uncertain. We are living in an age of financial confusion with an overabundance of information, opinions and strategies. Knowledge alone cannot address these issues. As Solomon discovered, it is wisdom – the application of knowledge – that is key.

It is never too soon to start the planning process whether 10, 20, or 30 years away from retirement. Early in our married lives I knew we needed financial guidance. With my passion for helping others, I pursued a Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) accreditation. I chose to become a CFP® because it requires integrity and continuing education which I enjoy. As a CFP® I have fiduciary responsibility to view all financial decisions with my client’s best interest in mind.

About five years ago I learned a new strategy that provides security, peace of mind and protection for my family’s financial future. The implementation of this approach has proved successful. Therefore, I want to share this strategy with you.

I am on a mission to help families build and protect their hard-earned money. This new way of thinking will help you maintain control by building a financial shield around your money. I look forward to learning about your goals and objectives to best assist you in achieving financial peace of mind.

Core Beliefs

People say that money isn’t everything. I agree, but used properly, money can provide opportunities. Money determines where you live, what you drive, where your kids go to school, and the lifestyle you enjoy. You worked hard to make it and you need to protect it and control it because your family’s future is at stake.

My beliefs are forged out of my own experience as a family man and business owner. I know what it takes to make a living today and I know how to make money last.

Here are my core beliefs about retirement and risk:

Don’t Lose Money

A limited amount of cash will flow through your hands during the course of your life.

Since it is a limited resource, you simply cannot afford to lose any of it. Protecting this valuable resource is number one on my list. It could take years just to get back to even from a financial loss—and there is no guarantee that you will ultimately fully recover because time is also a limited resource.

Bottom line: don’t lose money and you will never worry about the time it takes to make up for the losses.

Cash Flow Is Vital

Opportunities are available for people who can readily access cash and take advantage of situations.

Having your money in a place where it is accessible and still growing is critical. Cash flow is income through liquidity, use, and control.

When you are in control of your cash flow, it opens the door to a host of opportunities.

Never Interrupt Compounding

Disciplined people position their money so that it is continually growing. Consistent growth and continuous compounding will outperform erratic speculative risk. One of the most common mistakes people make with their finances is the failure to understand the power of compounding interest.

Unfortunately, people drain their accounts on big purchases and stop the amazing power of compounding. The world has trained people to spend and pay interest rather than save and earn interest. Keeping your money working for you at all times is key. Continuous compounding is part of the miracle.

Taxes Matter

It’s impossible to avoid taxes, but you can and should do everything you can to minimize them. Every dollar of yours that goes to Uncle Sam costs you not just that dollar, but all the dollars you would have made on the interest compounded over time.

Paying unnecessary taxes has a significant impact on your financial future. Taxes are the largest single expense you will ever have. Taxes matter and they will be going up. It is essential to your financial health to be able to manage tax risk as effectively as possible.

Smart Financial Planning

You work hard to make sure that your family is taken care of. If you are smart with your money, you have worked equally hard to save some of it for rainy days and retirement. However, is it protected from loss?

Is it growing in an environment where you can enjoy market-like returns without experiencing the agony of loss that happens when markets dip, dive, or even crash? Are you able to access it? Even if you have a lot of money put away, if you cannot access it when you need it, it is less useful. 

Smart financial planning means your money is shielded from the risks that threaten to deplete your savings. This wise approach to planning allows your money to grow while you control when, where, and how you choose to use it.

My objective is to help you keep your family financially safe. Working together we can achieve your goals and give you financial peace of mind.